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Shakespeare Tonight, Paradise in Augustines

Paradise in Augustines has been a major Fringe Festival venue since 1997 and 'The Sanctuary' is its number one stage! An Edinburgh institution. More

Shakespeare Tonight, Theatro Technis

The Theatro Technis is arguably the most significant home to Independent Theatre in the country. More

Shakespeare Tonight, New Theatre Sydney

If Shakespeare were living and working today, who would he be? Tom Stoppard or Quentin Tarantino? Keith Richards or Russell Brand? A genius, an outsider, or just plain ‘Bill’? In Shakespeare Tonight, The Bard is very much alive and kicking. Hamlet has opened (to ‘mixed’ reviews!) and William is giving his first ever TV interview. Finally, we have the chance to ask the questions that have kept us all guessing: Are these plays really his? What’s his true relationship with wife Anne? Why, after years of comedies and romances, has he suddenly turned to tragedy? The host is TV sensation Martina Fleur (with a little help from The Duke, her music maestro). Second guest? None other than Francis Bacon: philosopher, QC, and Shakespeare’s biggest rival. Watch Martina battle for control as these two heavyweights slug it out live in the TV studio. More