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Shakespeare Tonight, Paradise in Augustines

£8 - £14


22nd August 2016 @ 11:00 am
27th August 2016 @ 11:00 am
£8 - £14
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Paradise in Augustines
Augustines 41 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH1 1EL United Kingdom
0131 510 0119

Shakespeare Tonight

If Shakespeare were living and working today, who would he be? Tom Stoppard? Or Quentin Tarantino? Keith Richards or Russell Brand? A genius, an outsider, or just plain ‘Bill’?

In Shakespeare Tonight The Bard is very much alive and kicking. Hamlet has just opened (to ‘mixed’ reviews!) and William is giving his first ever TV interview. Finally, we have the chance to ask the questions that have kept us all guessing: Are these plays really his? What’s his true relationship with Anne? Why, after years of comedies and romances, has he suddenly turned to tragedy?

To Be or Not To Be…? The answer’s not on Google!

Paradise in Augustines has been a major Fringe Festival venue since 1997 and ‘The Sanctuary’ is its number one stage! An Edinburgh institution.

Cast & Crew

David Parry, DirWEB David Parry headshotector/Producer

David is an award-winning director, poet, playwright, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Highly influenced by Artaud and Ionesco, Parry has directed and produced innumerable productions in the UK over the past thirty years. He introduced ‘Elchin Theatre’ to Europe, is an Edinburgh regular and frequently wrestles with The Bard, most notably in Shakespeare: A Comedy in Ten Scenes.’


Peter Revel-Walsh as William Shakespeare

Peter is a professional actor, voice-over artist and model. Schooled by Stephan Perdekamp in the PEM (Perdekamp Emotional Method), Peter is a permanent member of its London-based training group. He has many years’ experience of stage and short films, and was principal in the feature film The Drift (2014).


Garry Voss as Sir Francis Bacon
Garry is a lead actor in both the UK and the US. Roles include Astrov (Uncle Vanya), Molino (Kiss of the Spider Woman), Yuri Gagarin (The Motherland Hears). Stage includes: The Government InspectorThe Seagull and most recently Invitation to a Beheading! In his commercial work, Garry serves as an ambassador for several global companies, including Sony.

Priscilla Fere as Martina
Priscilla has performed in several hit productions (Dante’s InfernoCitizens of Hell, Hamlet). This Shoreditch-born 29 year old made history in 2014, becoming the first actress to perform live inside the House of Lords (Day In The Light). She most recently played the voluptuous, food-obsessed Drag Queen Priscilla, Queen of Deszerts. Priscilla is also a voice model.
Paul Obertelli as The Duke
Paul is a member of The New Avalonians performing arts group. He is also a singer/song writer (Sony, Sanctuary, Bam Bam Music), who has toured the UK, Europe and the USA, performing with Alice in Chains, The Goo Goo Dolls & The Black Crows.  Paul’s podcasts are legendary.

Francesca Mepham as Rebekah
Francesca is an actress, classically trained singer and writer. Her most recent roles include ‘Claudia’ in Hitchcock Homage, and Humans (Channel Four). She is also a regular soloist, performing most notably with The RAF Presidents Band. Francesca is the author of R(ex)ception and the new short play Time To Fly Solo?

Kaara Benstead as Anne Hathaway
Kaara has been acting for many years, and attended the improvisation-based drama classes at the Anna Scher Theatre. She has appeared in several productions for stage and screen, including Dante The Inferno, Crocodile Snap (BAFTA nominated ‘Best Short Film’), and Champion Of The World (Film Four).